About Us

A Proud History        

Holy Family School opened with grades 1-6 in September of 1961 with 204 students. Holy Family School was administered by the Springfield Dominican Sisters of Sacred Heart Convent who currently staff our parish school with a K-8 enrollment of 264 students and a Pre-School enrollment of 22 three- and four-year-olds.

In 1989, under the direction of Holy Family's pastor, The Reverend Eugene Costa, a new addition was added to Holy Family School allowing the school new classrooms, and also the parish received a beautiful new Parish Center. In the fall of 1994, through the generosity of parishioners and the Decatur Business Community, Holy Family School was able to install a new state of the art networked computer lab in the school.

Our Mission Statement

Holy Family Catholic School opened, supported by family, faculty and parish, will inspire young minds to grow in the Catholic faith and to live the message of the Gospel through education, experience, and example.

Our Philosophy

WE BELIEVE that Catholic Education has been entrusted to us by Jesus, Himself. This education ministry seeks to communicate religious truths and Gospel values, provides for a vital experience of Faith within a Christian Community and inspires apostolic action.

WE BELIEVE Holy Family Catholic School is a community of faith, where parents, the primary educators of children, work together with teachers in a spirit of mutual respect and commitment. We strive together to help the child integrate Catholic truths and values with all of life.

WE BELIEVE that the specific commitment of the Catholic school to the student is the Christian development of the whole person. Therefore, the child's total potential - religious, moral, intellectual, physical, emotional and social - is accepted, developed and strengthened. We strive to provide a school environment of caring, loving, sharing, trusting and mutual respect between teachers, parents and students. Within this environment each child is encouraged to recognize and develop his/her individual abilities.

WE BELIEVE discipline that leads to self-discipline is an essential part of the Christian environment. Each child is encouraged to accept responsibility for his/her choices. Religious truths, Christian values, and service projects direct these choices.

WE BELIEVE that Holy Family's Educational Programs are in accordance with Diocesan Policies and State Regulations. The instruction is authentic in doctrine and contemporary in presentation.

WE BELIEVE that Holy Family Catholic School educates through faith and life experiences, in addition to academic programs. We strive to prepare the child to be a vital member of a changing world and to actively participate in the local and parish community. We challenge each child to live a life of prayer, personal responsibility and freedom reflective of Gospel values.