Pastor's Points

Welcome Everyone!


 What a great privilege it is for me as pastor to welcome all concerned with Holy Family Catholic Grade School to a new year of learning, faith, and formation.  For over 50 years our parish has been providing quality Catholic education for the South Shores area of Decatur and beyond.  May our Loving God continue to bless our efforts so that we may have our school open well into the next millennium.


Last year on August 21st at our Opening School Mass we heard our theme for the very first time – “It is Good for Us to be Here.”  These beautiful words come from the Gospel of Mark.  And how true this verse is!  It has been very good for us this past year in so many ways.  That is why we are keeping that same theme for this coming year of 2013-2014.  It is STILL good for us to be here!


That is where we all come in.  It is OUR responsibility to make sure that these words ring true in and about Holy Family Catholic Grade School.  WE are to work to make it a place of goodness, values, morality, happiness, and faith.  ALL of US will hopefully say and believe in our hearts that “it is good for us to be here.”


Whether it be from starting our year with Mass; having iPads in grades 3-8 for all students; having renovated restrooms in our building; having dedicated returning faculty/staff; support coming from all the parish financially and spiritually; enthusiastic and gifted students; and much more – we are able to see that St. Mark’s quote is very applicable to our school.


Know of my support of Catholic education.  I am fully behind our efforts at Holy Family Catholic Grade School.  And I am not alone in that stance.  Look around our parish and community and you will see countless people doing all they can to make our School a great place.


Again, welcome to this new year, a year of promise, hope, and success.


And please never forget: “IT IS GOOD FOR US TO BE HERE!!”


In the Love of Christ,

Fr. Joe Molloy