From Our Pastor

From Our Pastor

Welcome to Holy Family Catholic Grade School! 
Once again Holy Family parish is privileged to have the doors of our school open & ready for the greatest students in the area!  Once again the treasure of our grade school is open to provide quality Catholic education for the South Shores area & beyond!  Once again we are blessed to be able to share our faith with all those who enter!

This year our theme is “With One Voice,” from Romans 15:6.  What a wonderful verse for us to focus on over the next months.  These three words are so powerful!  They challenge all of us to see that we are to work together for the good of our students, faculty/staff, & parents.  The three words call us to be united in heart & mind in order to be one for each other.  Our theme is for all here at Holy Family parish, irregardless of whether one has a child enrolled.  ALL OF US are called to work WITH ONE VOICE for the good of Holy Family Catholic Grade School.

Also, our tagline for this year is “Enriching Souls.  Enlightening Minds.”  How true that is for us!  We do enrich the souls of our students, faculty/staff, & parents with the Catholic faith.  We touch souls with the love, mercy, & compassion of Jesus Christ.

And, we enable minds to be enlightened through the academics & studies we offer.  Through them our students have their minds challenged to grow & reach new heights.  With  extracurriculars, the arts, technology, & much more, we help the young minds entrusted to us to be bright ones, leading the way to even further formation.

What an exciting time to be part of the excellent education we provide at our parish grade school!  With God’s blessings, & the intercession of the Holy Family, the 2014-2015 school year will be one of faith, formation, & fun.  The parish community of Holy Family will again pledge prayerful & financial support for the good of our educational initiatives. 

As pastor, please know of my sincere gratitude to all those who support our grade school in any way.  May the Lord bless you in abundance.
Let us raise our voices together, so that “WITH ONE VOICE” we all may go forward to further God’s Kingdom in our midst, so that souls will be enriched & minds enlightened.