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Mrs. Keely Peters 3 Year-Old Pre-School  
Mrs. Beth Vandercar 4 Year-Old Pre-School Wishlist
Ms. Sarah Snyder Kindergarten
Ms. Susan Sullivan 1st Grade
Mrs. Pat Brinkoetter 2nd Grade
Mrs. Colleen Richardson 3rd Grade
Mrs. Joan Doerfler 4th Grade
Mrs. Sandy Murray 5th Grade
Sister June Volpe
6th Grade
Mrs. Fran Cantwell 7th Grade, Reading and Math
Ms. Morgan Schrock 7th Grade, History 7th and 8th, Language Arts 7th and 8th Wishlist
Mrs. Cinda Farris
8th Grade, Science 5th through 8th Grade

Mrs. Judy Frazier
Language Arts 7th and 8th

Mr. Mike Wilks
 4 - 8 Math  
Mrs. Kayla Wiggins K - 8 Computer
Sister Anita Cleary
K - 8 Spanish  
Mrs. Christine Smith Pre-School - 8 Music