School Board 2015-2016

Rev. Joseph Molloy
Mrs. Debbie Alexander
Sean Smith 
Dennis Whitsel
Vice President
Noreen Duncan
Louise Greene
Katy Lees
Jackie Goetter 
Bobbi Donath
Tara Wennecker

From the President

     The Holy Family Catholic School Board welcomes you to the new school year!  We are here as advocates and ambassadors of our school and in doing so, we promote the outstanding Catholic education of our school. Let our Catholic faith guide us every day in providing our students with the highest quality of education. As Father Joe reminded us at the opening school mass, "It is good that we are here", Mark 9, 5; we are so very glad that you are all here with us this school year and we wish our students continued academic success.

Holy Family School Board Information

     The School Board was formed in 1992 to foster Catholic education and values at Holy Family School.  The Board's framework, dictated by diocesan guidelines, is not the same as a typical secular school board.  The Board serves as an advisory council to the Pastor on school related issues and the Principal is the Chief Executive Officer.  In general, it is the Board's responsibility to investigate the needs of the school, listen to the concerns of the parishioners, and develop policies which enhance the education and Christianity of Holy Family students.

     Board membership consists of the Pastor, the Principal and nine parish members.  Candidates for the Board must be registered parishioners at least twenty-one years of age and in agreement with the philosophy and purpose of Catholic education.  Board members are selected for three year terms and officers are chosen by consensus.  Open meetings are held in the Faculty Lounge on the second Wednesday of the month at 5:30 p.m.